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The changes that took place in the business environment in recent years played a decisive role in how companies manage their transport activity. As a response to the market’s new demands Wind Soft created WindNET ERP, a software solution specially developed for the specific needs of the transportation companies. WindNET ERP’s value is given by the flexible multi-modular structure and ease in integration and implementation.

WindNET ERP is a multi-modular software solution dedicated to companies that activate in the transportation field, designed to support the entire business activity, including all industry specifics. As an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WindNET ERP is an excellent tool for ordering information, streamlining the data exchange between company departments, optimizing all processes involved. The software’s complete modular structure offers an optimum support in carrying out any type of transportation (domestic or international; air, sea or road), without errors, at lower costs and with a maximized profit margin.

WindNET ERP® creates a favorable environment for any company to improve the quality of its services and to increase its profit margin:

  • a fast and efficient management in the entire group, effectively tracking and managing all activities within the company, such as profitability of activities conducted, occupancy in vehicles etc
  • permanent control over all financial and accounting activities of the company
  • CRM features for presales and credentials.
  • view available resources and goods; this way the allocation of goods on each vehicle becomes so much easier and faster.
  • rapid development of interface with any GPS system, WMS, Bordcomputer.
  • access to digital maps so that when he takes an order, the dispatcher can quickly calculate distances between locations.
  • preparation of all documents specific to the type of transport; for multimodal transport, at the command level will be established: master AVB (MAWAVB), master house AVB (HAAVB), POD, Cargo manifest.
  • Automatic addition of new modules and functionality to the version already implemented according to company requirements, thus keeping the initial investment in software, services and staff traininig site.

WindNET ® ERP is based on a system of interconnected modules and sub modules, which allow the improvement of various activities such as:

  • CRM - this module allows tracking of all interactions with a potential client, from first contact, through purchase and post-sale services management.
  • TMS – this module offers the opportunity of a clear management of all operational activities specific to transportation companies and freight forwarders.
  • FleetManagement – this is a module designed for fleet management (owned vehicles or third-party ownership)
  • Financia/Accounting – after implementing WindNET ®ERP, a rate between 60 to 80% of all financial - accounting records are generated automatically according to the desired settings. The system is designed so that information made ​​by any of the departments to be available in the financial - accounting structure.
  • Management - this module provides full information support to facilitate decision making for the company's management team.